Joomla 1.5 installation

Note: Joomla 1.0 will not be supported although the current leonardo version seems to be running on it.
so DONT use 1.0. No support will be ever provided !!


STEP 1) Uncompress the leonardo zip or tgz in the same dir as your joomla installation.

If you have joomla on / then you will have a dir /leonardo


If you have joomla on /joomla then you will have a dir /joomla/leonardo

Also uncompress the zip in your local PC to have it ready for STEP 4

STEP 2) Edit all config files as explained in the main installation instructions.

(you may skip this step for later whern yoyu have leonardo working)

STEP 3) edit file leonardo/site/config_op_mode.php and set $opMode= 2;

STEP 4) From joomla administration got to 'Extensions' -> 'Install /Uninstall'

and in "Upload Package File" browse for file leonardo/doc/install/joomla/

from your local copy and install it

STEP 4) Copy leonardo/doc/install/joomla/htaccess.txt on joomla/components/com_leonardo/

and rename it to .htaccess if you are on a unix server. Then edit the file to edit the real path to leonardo

for example if your joomla is on /joomla then make the line

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /leonardo/$1


RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /joomla/leonardo/$1

STEP 5) Create the DB tables as explained in common INSTALLATION instructions

NOTE: USE the UTF8 sql files

STEP 6) Create a new menu item from joomla adminostrator and select its type as "Leonardo"


you are done! Access leonardo from the newly created menu item in joomla frontend.