Welcome to Leonardo XC Server

Last Updated on Monday, 21 December 2009 09:48 Written by Administrator Thursday, 17 December 2009 10:28

Leonardo is a server for logging glider (paragliding at this time) flights over the internet. The flights can then be presented in a nice interface, statistics can be viewed for all the flights or a selected subset of them, and various Leagues (XC distance) are formed.

On its present form it is suitable for small to large gliding communities but it's design is flexible enough to cope with ever larger groups.

Here are some of it's features:

  1. Flight analysis and scoring both open distance and OLC type

  2. Each flight can be viewed and the track log can be donwloaded. In the flight analisis window the flight is shown on a map of the area. 4 graphs are also available, showing altitude over time, speed over time, vario over time and "distance from takeoff" over time especially valuable on XC flights.

  3. The takeoff and landing location are calculated automatically based on a database of known points.

  4. The data can be presented in a number of ways sorted by pilotName, duration, distance, olc score, takeoff Name, etc

  5. There are 5 competition leagues: open distance, FAI triangle, olc scoring, flight duration, and altitude gained over takeoff.

  6. There is a powerfull filtering on almost all fields of the data.

  7. The uploading of the flights is *very* easy : just one click

  8. Multilingual (currently in 23 languages)

  9. Very cool display in Google Maps and Google Earth. Cooperates with 3rd party Plugins for extra cool display in GE.
  10. Connects with the 2 major global flying sites databases to link to more info about the flight's start point
  11. Automatic - multple uploads of many flights in one zip file

  12. Automatic submission of XC flights to central servers that form a global XCnet

  13. Works in either standalone mode or in Distributed mode acting either as a Client or Server. In Client mode it send all the local flights to the XCnetwork, in Server mode it can act as a primary node of the XCnet

Features to come ..

14. Comparison of flights on the same page
15. More statistics for pilot


The source code / installation can be downloaded from here