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Flight Upload Problems

Postby Matthew Rosser » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:54 pm

Hi Again,

I seem to be having problems uploading a G-Record flight.


The error refers to this line of code.

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   //if ($newFilename!=$filename) {

Any ideas ??

Further to this problem...

I hid these lines of code & managed to upload the flight.... not sure why it can't rename ?
Currently CHMOD 777 for the flight directory.
I then changed to recurse to all sub directories but same error.
Now I have changed to 777 I guess I need to put them back to original ?
Is it OK to leave at 777 recursing to all sub directories ?

With the workaround, once the flight was on the system it shows an invalid G-Record.
Checked using GpsDump 440 & G-Record is good to go, OK.
Rechecked log in Admin with same invalid result. What's going on here ??

Code: Select all
// validate against the G-record

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// validate against the G-record

Do I need to activate any particular parsing program or this all OK ?
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      $validatePrograms =array(
         "vali-xpg"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>0,"ok_string"=>"Valid IGC file"),   // ok ( fail -> 1     IGC file is INVALID)
         "vali-xmp"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>1,"ok_string"=>"Validation check passed"),   // ok ( fail -> 0  )
         "vali-xgd"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>0,"ok_string"=>"PASSED"),               // ok ( fail -> -1 )
         "vali-bra"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>0,"ok_string"=>"Data valid"),          // ok ( fail -> 1 )
         "ValiGpsDump.exe"   =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>0,"ok_string"=>"PASSED"),            // ok ( fail -> -1 )
         "valiCompe"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>9999,"ok_string"=>"OK"),            // ok ( fail -> -1 )

         // "valig7to.exe"      =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>99,"ok_string"=>"Validation check passed"),  // 1->not valid 3->not present
         "vali-mun"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>99,"ok_string"=>"Validation check passed"),  // fail -> 0
         "vali-xmr"         =>array("name"=>"","ok_result"=>99,"ok_string"=>"Validation check passed"),   // fail -> 1   

Any help please.

Matthew Rosser
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Postby Matthew Rosser » Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:52 am


Anyone read this forum ??

Matthew Rosser
Posts: 15
Joined: Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:30 pm

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