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tracks broken up by Leonardo

Postby Jean Solon » Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:25 pm

The tracks I download and save thru GPSdump in one piece from my Garmin GPSmap 96C are broken up by Leonardo, sometimes the beginning of the track is discarded, sometimes only the first part of the track is kept by Leonardo.

It always seem to happen when the speed (groundspeed !) is very low, let's say under 10 km/h, even if its just one trackpoint. My GPS is programmed to record a tracklog point every 20 seconds.

Google Maps has no problem recognizing the whole track and displays it normally, I tried also with IGC-files but that did not resolve the problem.

I did however have one huge tracklog that I had to split up myself with GPSdump, I don't know if this is a problem.

I should also point out that the version of Leonardo we used was not the latest, our webmaster will update the software.

Can you tell me how to proceed in order enter the entire tracks into Leonardo ?

I was planning to write an article for our magazine on this GPS because it's the cheapest handheld color screen GPS with decent airspace maps and it is really useful in that respect, but if people cannot use it for competitions I would like to know it !

Thank you very much for your answer(s).

Jean Solon
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Postby Matthew Rosser » Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:38 pm

Hi Jean,

The logs are of course best to be submitted as one continuous track.
New rules & regulations of FAI/CIVL state OLC records/tracks can now only have 300 seconds as the maximum allowable break in track.

This is to minimise the cheats.
GpsDump has a filtering system to also break the logs into the diffrent flights by the gaps in the timestamps in the active log.

The active log is the only information used for any .IGC file.

Open the .IGC with a text viewer like notepad & study the timestamps at the front of the information.

Code: Select all


part of the line is the time stamp.

You need to ascertain if the GPS has the problem or there is a problem somewhere else in your workflow process.

Matthew Rosser
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Postby Jean Solon » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:11 pm

Hi Matthew,

Thanks a bunch for the answer and you are of course totally right, even if I configured the tracklog to make a log every 20 seconds, for one or the other reason my GPSdump file has a number of gaps that vary from 2 minutes until 26 minutes...

When I look at the altitudes I noteced that it was probably often when I thermalled, e.g. when I did moves very slowly on my path (that day there was no wind). The 26' gap for instance was a low point.

I suppose it has something to do with the groudspeed which was of course very low in that sections, If you don't count the cricling itself.

I fear I will have to contact Garmin to know more about it.

Should you have any other pointers, I would ge grateful...

Thanks again.

Jean Solon
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Re: tracks broken up by Leonardo

Postby TePe » Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:13 pm

Hello Jean,

leonardo does some kind of "flight time recognition" by trying to find start and landing time. If you are flying very slow over ground the minimum takeof speed will not be fullfilled. This might happen for example with takeoff for soaring in strong wind conditions were you dont move sidewards much.

First check if the track was really broken up or if just some start and landing timestamps were not optimal set by leonardo.

1.) Log in to leonardo with your account
2.) view your flight
3.) click on the clock symbol in the upper right corner
4.) select the smallest timestamp for start and the highest timestamp for landing time
5.) click on "update flight data"
6.) check if your flight appears to be complete with the start and landing time manually set

The problem with circling in thermals could be solved with setting the logging interval to 1 second.

BTW: I wouldn't recommend a GPS logger that can't log at least 10 positions per second, this is actually the shortest interval that I've seen in tech specs. There should be also enough memory on the logger to make this high rates possible at all. Memory does not cost so much nowadays.

Best regards
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Re: tracks broken up by Leonardo

Postby Jean Solon » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:11 am

Thanks Tepe,

I did what you said but that did not change anything.

The gaps in the tracklog were just time gaps, the track itself is not interrupted on when I review it on the screen...

I will try with a smaller time interval, but I am not sur that I have enough memory on my GPS96 for 1 second logs for longer periods when I have no coputer to download the tracks...

Thanks anyway for your kind answer,

Jean Solon
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